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ADrive – Top Shelf Data Storage File Back Up Service

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It is kind of interesting that way back in the Big Blue IBM main frame computer days that then got into personal computers, Microsoft provided the operating system under such licensing terms that it caused IBM to cannibalize their main stream business model; empowering all the workers to break away from centralized control over data and to be free to run their own applications and store their own data locally. To now where we are about thirty five years down the road and with most people being connected via the Internet that we are seeing a return to the notion of centralized server farms running our applications and each of us logging in to use those applications and to store our data under our account information. Cloud server infrastructure is the buzz word, and most internet businesses now no longer sell a piece of software for download and installation locally. This creates problems of security for the vendor dealing with hacked and cracked software; as well as problems for the vendor and users dealing with an ever growing number of software versions out in the wild and any one time. Certainly it makes sense to embrace the ìsoftware as a serviceî business model for all of its inherent advantages.

Adrive is All About Highest Quality Cloud Server Infrastructure

Adrive fits all of these descriptions of could server infrastructure business and the ìsoftware as a serviceî business model. Simply put, Adrive is an online data storage and back up service for use by general consumers and businesses alike; offering a variety of plans that embrace the size of peopleís needs for storage and their need for bandwidth to disseminate the data. And the reality is that the needs of the market are truly diverse. General users do suffer the annoyance of losing their data when hard drives crash at the most awkward times. And Chief Information Officers for enterprise level organizations can have a vast complexity of needs far in excess of data back up and storage alone. That is; they may need to mirror their data at multiple locations as well as have these various data locations synchronize their data so as to always be up to date.

Free Plans for 50 gigabytes; Paid Plans up to More than Ten Terrabytes

As professionals in the market segment, Adrive has been very busy taking their utility to very high levels of functionality such that you can now even map Adrive to your computerís hard drive as if it literally was a physical extension to your computer hardware. That is, when your Adrive account is mapped to your computer, you can access and control all the files stored on Adrive as if they were stored locally. And one of the great things about Adrive is the use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) because FTP always remembers where a file transfer was at before an internet connectivity problem and it only has to recommence from where it was; no need to start the whole file transfer again. And because of client needs, Adrive have increased the maximum file size from two gigabytes to sixteen gigabytes; which is reasonable given that most DVD files are now well over two gigs in size.

Adrive Will Manage Any Cloud Server Application or Need you Have

In addition to their service offering, Adrive do actually have cloud server storage management as their core skill set. That is, they are not a marketing operation sitting over resold cloud server infrastructure that they procure from a third party. In fact they are the opposite and are happy to market to you a white label cloud server infrastructure service where they look after all the hardware at the back end to free you up to find and service clients at the front end.

Simple to USe Menu System; Ideal for All People’s Needs

But for most people, it will all be about signing up for their free fifty gigabyte data storage limit. Signing up is quick and easy to do; though do be careful when at the sign up page because the default page is set up to sign you up for a Private Premium Account which will need your credit card information. You have to unselect that option and select the free Basic service at the bottom of the various choices available. You will need to confirm your email address and as you log in you will quickly realize they are very sensitive about robots being used to sign in; with them using captcha resolving services at several stages throughout the process. After that, it is easy and intuitive to use. When you have logged in, you are presented with your dashboard which gives you a snap shot view of your account status and statistics.

The menu system is very easy to use, with simple menu items on the left to get you started and a range of buttons at the bottom to click on depending on if you wish to upload or download. You will note that the free basic plan is supported by advertising and that there is always encouragement throughout the web site for you to upgrade your plan. For me personally, the premium option tarts to make sense when you understand that the file size is still limited to two gigabytes for the free plan and that using FTP is only available with the paid for plan. Having said that, Adrive is perfect for those situations where you need to format your hard drive and yet you donít want to lose all your data. Just open an account with the appropriate file storage size to meet your needs, upload complete directories with the simply click of a few buttons to pack and stack those directories to be uploaded and leave it to run for however long it takes; depending of course on your Internet connection. Then after your hard drive has been formatted, simply download your data again and then cancel the service. For just a few dollars youíve saved yourself the need of buying an external drive that you may otherwise never need or use.