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Enhance Your Social Sharing and Analytics With AddShoppers

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Establishing online presence is the new normal for many enterprises and organizations in today’s business world. This is not surprising as no organization wants to get left behind considering the speed at which the online train is moving. Taking the right steps in getting an organization or business online is however an entirely different endeavor due to the challenges involved. While getting online these days, it has become automatic to establish a presence on the social web too in order to take advantage of its growing influence and opportunity for engaging people within its teeming population. Businesses that are eCommerce-oriented have become one of the most eager adopters of the social web in order to drive sales and strengthen their brands. Again, taming the rapidly-evolving giant known as the social media is a daunting task and leveraging it for sales is no easier. Thus, many businesses, especially retailers have tried but not really hit the mark with regards to spreading their social influence and leveraging it to drive sales. The challenges involved in social sharing and analytics are best surmounted by using a platform that has the right capabilities and experience.

AddShoppers is a social sharing and analytics platform that is well-suited to eCommerce sites especially those focused on retailing. AddShoppers places a lot of emphasis on social analytics and has an engine purpose built for that which act like a central control for the platform. This Social Analytics App is used in conjunction with AddShoppers Sharing Buttons which are actually smart sharing widgets, designed specifically to get a lot of traction from social sharing. When used together, AddShoppers is able to track shares, clicks on shared links sales as well as revenue for the user. There are three levels on which these three metrics are tracked and by analyzing the data obtained from these metrics, a retailer’s social performance is determined. The levels at which the metrics are tracked include the following:

  • The individual product (Stock Keeping Unit) level
  • An Influencer (a person who shares)
  • A store-wide level

The social performance calculated by the AddShoppers platform provides critical insights which are presented in easily understandable modules such as:

  • Average Revenue per Share
  • Average Revenue per Share
  • Average Social Order Amount
  • Total Number of Shares
  • Total Number of Clicks
  • Number of Shares per influencer
  • Revenue Driven Per Influencer
  • Average Revenue Per Like, Pin, Tweet etc
  • Demographics Per Product

AddShoppers has a proven track record which has also earned the platform, clients among the top range retailers and business enterprises. These include Everlast, CityPass, The Economist, Orange, Blik Wallgraphics and Lighting New York among others. The platform has also received some very glowing recommendations from leading brands too with Business Insider referring to AddShoppers as leading social commerce. Internet Retailer points to the effect on the platform’s methodology saying it is obvious that sharing impacts sales. All Analytics is impressed with the ease-of-installation, pointing out that it takes just five minutes to install.

AddShoppers simply makes it possible for an online retailer to measure its social media value and to do this, the platform has some amazing social media plugins and these include:

  • Sharing Buttons: These makes it easy for sharing during eCommerce experiences.
  • Social Login: This makes registration and logging into social media channels very easy.
  • Purchase Sharing: Thus makes sharing after making a purchase very easy.
  • Discovery Wall: Retailer can display trending products for shoppers to see.
  • Refer a Friend: This makes it very easy for customers to refer others.

AddShoppers also uses social campaign tools to enhance revenue. These tools include:

  • Social Rewards: This helps to stimulate sharing by shoppers.
  • Conversion Saver: This helps to increase rate of customer conversion.
  • Smart Retargeting: This enables the retailer to reach in-market shoppers
  • Facebook and Twitter Retargeting: This enables the retailer to reach social media shopper on Facebook and Twitter.

The platform also integrates fully with all the eCommerce platforms including but not limited to Shopify, WordPress, 3dCart, Spree, Mozu, WooCommerce, ProStores, OpenCart, CubeCart and Miva Merchant among many others.

Registering to Use AddShoppers

Being a social sharing platform, it is only appropriate that AddShoppers makes social login one of the primary means by which intending uses can sign up on the platform. Simply navigate to the website homepage at and click on the ‘Get Started Free’ button located at the top-right side of the page. This opens the sign-up page where two options are presented; sign up using your email or using any of four social media networks (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). Clicking on any of the social media button provided for sign-up will open a pop-up window prompting you to sign-in and when signed in, inform you that the AddShoppers app wants to access your profile on that network. Click the appropriate button to accept. If you prefer the email option, simply enter your Email Address and selected Password then click the ‘Create Free Account’ button.

Costs of Using AddShoppers

AddShoppers simply makes pricing decision very easy for users. To find out the pricing that best suits you, proceed to the pricing page by clicking on the ‘Pricing’ link. On the page, there is a field where you can fill in the number of monthly visitors you had the previous month. AddShoppers will use this to determine the right package for you. You can also check out the Pro packages by clicking on ‘Learn More’ link on the right side of the pricing page. You will be shown the price that matches a rounded number of monthly visitors:

  • 5,000 monthly unique visitors attract a monthly charge of $17.
  • 10,000 monthly unique visitors attract a monthly charge of $34
  • 30,000 monthly unique visitors attract a monthly charge of $102
  • 100,000 monthly unique visitors attract a monthly charge of $340
  • Every 5,000 unlimited attracts a monthly charge of $17