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Signing Up for AddPoll

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Online survey has indeed become the best way to collect data via the web today, most online survey are done by online survey application tools. AddPoll is also an online survey tool that provides survey forms and generates polls that assists users to create an online poll of their own design. AddPoll provides its users with numerous tools among them templates, captcha codes, and voting protection to assist the users in tailoring the best online polls. In short, AddPoll simply assists its users by providing the best platform for an online survey.

How Do I Sign Up for AddPoll?

Signing up for AddPoll is amazingly simple. First you will have to open up the AddPoll website in your internet browser. The website address for AddPoll is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see in the middle of the page, a section that is empty and requires to be filled up, the section has an additional yellow tab at the bottom of it that is labeled “start now its free” and a title to stress the same. The moment you have identified this section, fill it up immediately with appropriate information or personal details. And click the yellow part to start the signing up process. If you cannot find that, scroll down the homepage and you will find a section right towards the end of the page that has a link with its instructions written in blue. “Get started now. Sign up for free.” Once you have identified this section, click on it and instantly you will be led to the next page with a title “create your account for free” fill in the form that is provided in this section with the required details. Start with the user name that you intend to use. When selecting this user name, be very careful to follow the instructions as you are only required to fill this section with a minimum of 3 characters. After this part, fill in the next section with your appropriate email address. The email address that you have chosen to use can either be your primary email address or any other secondary email address that you have. With this successfully done choose an appropriate password that is easily memorable for you and which you will intend to use. Confirm this same password in the next section that requires you to do the same. This is because if your initial password may have been misspelled or noted wrongly, it will be detected and so you will have the opportunity to change. Do not uncheck the small box that has already been checked as this will confirm that you have not accepted to the terms and conditions of usage of the AddPoll policies. If you have done this well click on the yellow tab that follows at the bottom of the form to “create an account.” The moment you do this you will be led straight to your account and onto your dashboard where you will be able to start creating polls immediately.

How AddPoll Works

In your newly created account you will see the vivid yellow tab, “Start New.” This tab allows you to start a new poll of your own immediately you sign up for AddPoll. Therefore click on to it and choose the kind of task you may wish to perform on your dashboard. You can choose to create a poll, a flash poll, or a survey. Whichever you choose, click on to it and follow the instructions step by step until you create a perfect poll.

Merits of Using AddPoll

On signing up for AddPoll you will be able to enjoy its affordable pricing from its vast packages. The initial account is free and will allow you to create unlimited monthly poll votes, unlimited questions per survey, a maximum of 10MB storage space and also a maximum of 250 surveys. This account will also include AddPoll links to user’s surveys or forms. In addition to that, it will give you space for custom branding and data export capability. Furthermore you can subscribe to the pro plan which costs $14.95 per month and includes up to 1GB of storage space, 6000 survey and form response per month and an ability to ban IP while enjoying Captcha voting protection and SSL support.

The fact that AddPoll offers you a platform to create and build credible online polls with minimal tech knowledge is an added advantage to the flexibility that you will enjoy when you sign up for AddPoll. In fact AddPoll does not require any prior web development expertise or any other software configuration. This will indeed prove very helpful to you in saving time, energy, and capital when it comes to online survey.

As if that is not enough you will be able to custom your online poll in such a way that it reflect exactly what you want and remains unique from other existing polls. AddPoll will make this possible to use since it offers various feasible templates and API integrations formats that will allow you to present your polls as desired by you. It will also offer you with a platform that will seamlessly link to the social media platform. This will ensure that your polls cover a vast audience for your own benefit.

While AddPoll uses very familiar applications to run its services such as nice visual style, allowing the user to have more creative freedom without losing the professional appearance, or the ability to customize their poll, AddPoll’s IP banning capabilities and Captcha voting protection still makes the application to stand out.

Addpoll uses the following features to implement its services. Creation of email groups, addition of custom domains, use of style templates, Captcha code and IP banning. These features have made AddPoll to effectively satisfy its customers while at the same time developing a better platform for online poll system. Indeed you will be able to enjoy credible, flexible, and trustable online survey forms with AddPoll.