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One thing I have always found to be very interesting is on the one hand just how unreliable every weather service is at predicting the weather even for only as far out as the very next day; versus on the other hand how committed and interested we all seem to be to check for this forecast every day even though we know it is borderline useless information. Or perhaps many of us check for the weather forecast so as to know what the weather will NOT be tomorrow. Certainly to know what the weather will be in the immediate future is of great value to us, especially in terms of making our social plans and for outings as well as do we take the car or the bus to work and with or without the umbrella, overcoat and other such preparations. For the farming community, long range weather predictions, especially in the era of Global warming and climate change, can make the difference of what crops to seed or not, and what additional livestock feed must be brought in to cover any lack of locally grown fodder. That is, if a drought is going to persist, then attention and time is best spent buying supplementary feed stocks at best market prices in preparation; whereas if plentiful rains are likely, then attention and efforts are best spent committed to crop preparations. We may take it all for granted just how dependent on the weather we are for our comfort and our survival; but in any event we always have a curiosity about knowing what is likely to happen at least in the immediate future.

Fiftey Years in the Business of Making Money from Weather Forescasting

Accu Weather is more than just an online software as a service web site where Americans can look up their local weather conditions. Indeed Accu Weather has been around since the early 1960ís, long before the internet became the backbone of the modern information and communications system for the masses that it is today. Started by a meteorologist graduate from Penn State University, Joel Myersí first client was a gas company that was will to pay or long range weather forecasts so that it in turn could predict market prices. It currently has nearly one hundred and twenty thousand paying clients which range from media companies for their own weather presentations; government agencies and business organizations. The Accu Weather web site is free to visitors and is advertising supported. With more than four hundred staff, it uses a variety of sources to make its weather forecasts, which are refined and reviewed by nearly one hundred and twenty meteorologists to compile its global forecasting solution.

No Account Needed for Normal Services; Premium Services Available

The Accu Weather web site is remarkable easy to use. While it does not use the visitorís Internet Protocol address to determine the userís home location to present the weather for there without asking for it; that is in fact a bonus because almost all IP address predictive web sites do not help the user at all. There is no need to create an account unless you are choosing to subscribe for a premium service. It is a world wide weather service, and so you simply click on the region, country, state or province, and finally the city that you wish to know the weather conditions that Accu Weather claim to be most likely to happen over the next few hours and days. In fact Accu Weather claim to be able to project out as far as twenty five days; which has attracted a lot of criticism from competitors which advocate that anything longer than ten days is impossible to forecast with any degree of accuracy. Be that as it may, Accu Weather do not care. They are an aggressive business organization only providing a service for the maximum profit they can gouge from paying clients; they are not going to let the word ìimpossible to predictî prevent them from doing so. There will always be a percentage of people who want to know what that impossible prediction is even if they donít believe it.

World Wide Weather Predictions Made by Nearly 120 Meteorologists

So after finding the city you are interested in, it is a simple matter to read the calendar view of Accu Weatherís forecast, either in the default new few hours and next three days view, or by clicking on the extended or monthly views. For each day you will see to projected maximum and minimum temperature range, whether it will be cloudy and the extent to which it may rain, how sunny or humid it may be as well as the past history for this time of year in your location. And depending on just how critical weather information is to you; it may be worth your while to consider one of their premium services. With everything they offer being available on your smart phone or iPhone app, Accu Weather could be the perfect solution for you to get vital information delivered to you in the field. More than just will it be sunny or rain and what the temperature may be, Accu Weather also has lightening tracking services and it gives access to users to view the Level NexRad radar service which is used by Accu Weatherís own meteorologists as they make and calculate predictions. The premium services will most certainly have special significance for the farming community, especially those likely to have concerns about impending tornadoes given how quickly they can develop and wreak havoc. As for larger business interests, including the financial services industry where it is perhaps vital information to be able to predict the futures pricing of oil, coal and gas which could be in short supply during extra cold winters, if not Accu Weather; these organizations do need an extremely reliable weather service. With so much money on the line, in fact it would seem to warrant subscribing to all of them.