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Are you someone who constantly need graphic designs and at the same time want to have multiple choices of it? Or are you a graphic artist whose got a unique style and could communicate sense and beauty through your work? Then, is the perfect place for you.

99designs pioneered design contests where graphic artists and designers submit their work in response to a client’s specification. If your work gets chosen by the client then you’ll receive a cash prize for your work. Considered as the “world’s largest online graphic design marketplace”, 99design provide a wide variety of graphic design works for logos, clothing and merchandise, business and advertising, books and magazines, art and illustration, and even for websites and apps.

How do I become a designer for

Becoming a designer for is actually very straightforward. First, you have to open the website. You can click the link or you can simply type it on your browser’s URL bar. Once you’ve opened the site, scroll down into the bottom and you’ll see a “Become a Designer” options under Resources. Click it and another window for designers will emerge. If you want to directly go to this page then just go to

On the middle of the webpage, you’ll see a “Join Now” link. When you click it, a sign up page that you will have to fill in will come into view. You will have to provide an existing and current e-mail address and a password, then you would have to click “Sign Up” to continue. Another window will open which you would also need to fill in with your real name and you could also optionally upload an avatar and add a biography. By clicking “Create Profile”, your 99designs page will automatically open and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you’ve provided. Note that you have to access that confirmation e-mail to finish your registration, thus it is necessary to provide an existing e-mail address of yours.

Once you’ve confirmed your registration, you would have to start creating your public profile as well as agree to’s code of conduct. But before doing so, you might want to actually read it just to check that you do agree with everything laid out.

If you do find the code of conduct agreeable then you could now start finding design contests that suits you. You could join and submit designs to almost all the contests you like free of charge! There is only one type of exclusive contest that you can’t yet join to as a newbie, and that is the Platinum contest which is only open to Platinum designers. But what’s great is that becoming a Platinum designer is actually free and is only offered by the administration to those designers whose work exhibits conceptual thought and technical execution of the highest caliber. You only need to focus on producing high quality designs, and win contests and the admin will surely notice your talent.

How do I get designs from

Procuring designs that you may need from could be possible by setting up a new design contest or you could check out their Readymade Logo Store, and you have to take note that all of this comes with a price.

Setting up a new design contest in is extremely simple. The first thing that you will have to do is to open in your internet browser. Its website address is If you are unable to access the website using the link, simply copy and paste it into your browser’s URL bar and press Enter, or you can simply type this address in the URL bar.

Once you’ve opened the site, you will see a “Get Started Now” option right in the middle of the webpage. By clicking the get started link, the “Launch a new design contest” page will come into view. You would first have to specify the design category that you would want i.e. logo design, website, mobile app, brochure, T-shirt designs, etc. Their corresponding prices are also shown. Next, you would have to fill the Design Brief which includes the language, background information (e.g. T-shirt design for men), visual styles (e.g. color and specific style you want), content details and other things that you want for that design and it should be clearly specified here. After that, you would have to choose between the following designs packages depending on your budget.

  • Bronze: The most affordable package and it would be great for those with a lean budget. You could expect at most 30 designs from good designers.
  • Silver: It comes with a much bigger prize and you’ll also have more designs from better designers to choose from.
  • Gold: This package would give you the most designs from expert designers to chose from.
  • Platinum: This will be perfect for those who would only want to work with the best. Expect 50 or so designs from exceptional, platinum designers.

You would also have the choice to promote your contest for a reasonable price as well as change some contest options (e.g. duration and privacy). You would also need to specify an attractive contest title to get the designers’ attention. After filling out all these details, you would lastly have to specify the payment details and give your contact details as well. Now, you only have to relax and wait for the designs to pour in! also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for its clients. If ever you are not satisfied with the designs submitted then you could have your FULL payment back. This does not apply though to “guaranteed prize” contests or those contests which is already on the final round, since once a contest enters the final round, it becomes guaranteed. A guaranteed prize contest is one whose contest holder assured that they will select a winning design, and pay for its respective prize. does help their clientele find the best designs and their dream designers efficiently, and they also assures their designers a sure way of earning online. The design contests of do redefine graphic design market.