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What 8Coupons is All About

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If you like to save money and get great deals then you know how great coupons and special deals are and you know the difference they can make for your wallet. When you need to find great deals but do not have the time to clip coupons, search through half a dozen papers and figure out what coupon combos bring you the most bang for your buck you need the help of a coupon website that does the work for you. This is where the amazing site 8Coupons comes in.

This site is a leading comparison engine that can help you find the best deals on places to eat, drink, shop, and other great stuff near you. The coupons and deals offered on this site come from well known and trusted names such as Groupon,, Amazon, GrubHub, eBay, LivingSocial, Google, Valpak, and others. The ultimate goal for the team behind 8Coupons is to help you make the most out of your daily life and to get every penny in savings that you possibly can. Sign up and see for yourself how you can get the right deal, at the right time, and for the right place.

Signing Up and Getting Started

Signing up with 8Coupons is super simple and easy. You just enter in an email address and a zip code to set the search area parameters. You have the option to enter a zip code for home, work, or some other location you are at frequently so you can search for deals in the area that is most convenient for you. You can browse through search features that allow you focus by zip code or major city. 8Coupons also has an interactive map where you can click and search for the deals that are conveniently located right where you live and work. It is easy to get started and you have access to all of the deals and coupons listed on the site.

Categories for Searching

This amazing site has many great search categories you can browse through for a wide range of deals and coupons. From food to family to fun, chances are you can find a deal for it with 8Coupons. Here are some of the most popular categories of coupons and deals members can search through:

  • Eating and dining- Find coupons and deals for the best dining areas in your area and set up the best date night or family dinner plans with a little help from 8Coupons.
  • Play time and entertainment- find where the best shows are playing, what live events are being held in your area, and get tickets and discounts that make it possible for you to enjoy the shows you always wanted to see.
  • Adventure- If you are an adrenaline junkie then there are plenty of options available for you on this site from camping, hang gliding, exploration, bungee jumping, rafting, and much, much more!
  • Nightlife- Secure the perfect reservations for a fun night out with friends or get a table at that classy restaurant to surprise your date the next time you are out on the town.
  • Theatre and movies- Get your hands on tickets and seats at amazingly discounted prices with 8Coupons.
  • Spa treatments- Pamper yourself with a day spa session or find a discount for tanning, facials, and other spa treatments that can help your relax and feel rejuvenated.
  • Hair removal treatments- Say goodbye to shaving and annoying hair growth and get hair removal treatments at amazing prices.
  • Massage and chiropractor- Work out the knots and stiff muscles and let the stress melt away when you can afford a luxury massage or a much needed visit to the chiropractor thanks to the deals on 8Coupon.
  • Nail and hair salons- Get your hair and nails done before your next date or before that job interview.
  • Fitness and training – Throw out the excuse of not exercising because you can’t afford gym membership!
  • Services and maintenance- Get great deals on the repairs and maintenance everyone needs, from plumbing and electrical to roof work and car repair work.
  • Shopping- As one of the most popular searches on 8Coupon, the shopping category is always packed with great shopping deals, discounts, sales, and coupons.
  • Pets –Find what you need for your pet family members and get it for cheaper with a coupon deal!
  • Electronics – Get great discounts on the newest gadgets and technology from video games to entertainment systems to cell phones.
  • Eyewear – Eye glasses and eye exams are also discounted on this site and the offer good deals on top names and brands.
  • Fashion and retail- Save even more money by finding the best coupons and deals on the newest fashion trends and retail merchandise with a wide selection of shopping deals and coupons.
  • Flowers and gift ideas- Get that perfect gift for that special someone and show them how much you care.
  • Groceries – Bring down the family food bills for the month with convenient and local discount deals on the food you need from the stores you like to shop at.
  • Home and garden supplies- Keep your home and yard looking great without breaking the bank!
  • Kids – Find everything for your kids from clothes and toys to education games and supplies, and find it all for less than you would pay anywhere else.
  • Travel – 8Coupons has travel deals galore and they all are just waiting for you, so plan that next family vacation and take that trip you have always been dreaming of this year!
  • Closing Thought on 8Coupons

    If you like to save money and get great deals then you know how great coupons and special deals are and you know the difference they can make for your wallet. This site is an amazing search engine that makes it easier than ever to find great deal in your local area. Shop for deals near your home, where you work, or in areas you plan on visiting. Save money and do more things with the great deals and discounts offered by 8Coupons. This is one coupon discount site that everyone should have saved.