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Setting Up Your Online Store With 3dCart

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Selling products online is one of the core goals of an online business and to make this a reality, a shopping cart is a necessity. 3dCart is a leading provider of shopping cart software for online businesses. 3dCart boasts of having one of the best features guaranteed to power your customers online shopping experience by providing your business with excellent and total e-commerce storefront solutions. Best of all is the fact that even while lacking programming knowledge and experience, online business owners can build their own storefronts as well as maintain, edit and take customer orders using 3dCart. This service currently has thousands of clients globally using it and testifying as to its excellent features and service delivery.

3dCart certainly recommends itself to users with its extensive package and glowing testimonials. However, there are four core reasons why the service stands out and provides excellent options for users globally:

  • Easy Customization and Usage: The entire platform is designed to provide an intuitive experience for the business owner so that you can get set up in minimal time and without hassles. Additionally, when you need to customize to suit your business brand and operations, it is just as easy.
  • Zero Charges for Transactions: 3dCart charges are transparent so you can be sure that hidden charges will not east into your profits and cost you unexpected setbacks.
  • Multiple Features: 3dCart has many features built-in that enhance your business operations without additional costs.
  • Free Tech Support, Round-The-Clock: Regardless of whether you are using the service on trial basis or actually a paying user, 3dCart is always on hand to render superb tech support for all your complaints ranging from easy to complicated.

Signing Up For a 3dCart Account

3dCart offers you the option of test-running the service for a limited period of 15 days and like most of its competitors, it does not require that you enter your credit card details or debit you any sum to be refunded. Simply navigate to the 3dCart website or copy and paste the website address, into the address bar of your browser and hit the Go button. Right within the top section of the page is the invitation for you to create your store and start selling online within 30 seconds. All you need to do is fill three fields with your Name, Email Address and the Phone Number then click Create Your Store. Very easy

Costs Involved

Of course, taking a test drive of 3dCart is FREE for 15 days but when you decide to subscribe, you can select any of the packages available that suits your budget and/or business operational needs.
There are two major pricing plans: Monthly and Annually. There are however five price packages. This simply means that you can select any of the five packages based on a monthly, 3 months, 6 months or annual cost calculation. The annual pricing plan is calculated on a 12 monthly basis and the entire sum payable at once with a 15% discount as incentive while the 3 and 6 monthly pricing plans have 5% and 10% discounts respectively. The monthly package is payable in monthly installments thus attracting a slightly marked up price. However, each package has options for billing in three months, 6 months and annual cycles with each one having differing prices. The plans as as follows:

  • Mini: $19.99 Per Month, $56.97 (3 months), $107.95 (6 months) $203.90 (12 months). Supports up to 100 products and suitable for sites with very low traffic. Monthly data transfer is about 2 Gigabytes and 4,000 visitors per month. FREE $175 marketing dollars usable on Bing, Yahoo!, Amazon and Facebook.
  • Starter: $35.99 Per Month, $102.57 (3 months), $194.35 (6 months), $367.10 (12 months). Supports up to 500 products and suitable for sites with low traffic. Monthly data transfer is about 4 Gigabytes and 8,000 visitors per month. FREE $175 worth of advertising credits from Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook and Amazon.
  • Professional: $65.99 Per month, $188.07 (3 months), $356.35 (6 months), $673.10 (12 months). Supports up to 1,000 products and suitable for sites with medium traffic. Monthly data transfer is 8 Gigabytes and about 16,000 visitors. FREE $200 in advertising credits usable on Facebook, Bing, Yahoo! and Amazon.
  • Professional Plus: $99.99 Per month, $284.97 (3 months), $539.95 (6 months), $1019.90 (12 months). Supports unlimited number of products and suitable for sites with very high traffic. Monthly data transfer is 25 Gigabytes with about 75,000 visitors. FREE $225 in advert credits usable on Facebook, Bing, Amazon and Yahoo!.
  • Power Plan: $129.99 Per month, $370.47 (3 months), $701.95 (6 months), $1325.90 (12 months). Supports unlimited number of products and suitable for sites with very high traffic. Monthly data transfer is 45 Gigabytes with about 90,000 visitors. FREE $225 in advert credits usable on Facebook, Bing, Amazon and Yahoo!.

Benefits of Using 3dCart

3dCart is extremely versatile and primed to be a platform that will serve the entire e-commerce needs of online business owners. Here are the benefits it offers:

  • Unbeatable Security: The security infrastructure available on 3dCart is superb and matches every standard demanded by the industry. It is VISA PCI Certified.
  • Ships Orders in Real-Time: 3dCart offers value added services such as accurate rates, label printing in addition to tracking information from the world’s leading courier brands including UPS, Fedex, Canada Post and USPS.
  • Accept Credit Card Payments: 3dCart boasts of providing credit card payment options from all the leading payment providers and even more, numbering over 200. Whether customers wish to pay using google Checkout, Paypal, Amazon Checkout among many others, 3dCart supports them.
  • SEO-friendly Features: 3dCart’s shopping cart is simply the most SEO-friendly available. Clients are able to make use of link titles, dynamic meta-tags and even custom URLs to enhance their ability to get found by potential customers.
  • Social and Mobile Commerce: 3dCart enables clients to sell directly on Facebook using the 3dCart built-in Facebook store. The platform is also designed to deliver superior shopping experience for customers right on their mobile devices.