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30 Boxes – Online Web Calendar

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The Internet is developing at a much fast rate now, eleven years after the dot com implosion wiped out hundreds of billions of dollars of shareholderís deluded expectations. It was never that the Internet could not or would not deliver of the dreams of greatness; rather it all needed more time to grow the quality of web sites, as well as the server infrastructure needed to host the ìsoftware as a serviceî business model now used so commonly in most business models; not to mention the advent of broadband Internet access and mobile phone access technologies. The Internet crash of the turn of the century was an era where most web sites were static and had little user generated content; and they were in days when dial-up modems were more common that ADSL. These two issues alone caused the stars to realign for Internet business owners; all too much blue sky and little reality way back then. But here today we have real power in the resurgence of Internet businessesí outlook for growth and prospects for profitability. Today, the Internet is alive and well with each type of ìsoftware as a serviceî type Internet businesses has multiple competitors; such is the capital commitment to such a large array of possible businesses ventures.

Looking at Other Reviews it is claimed that 30 Boxes is Cool; But it Doesn’t Work

30 Boxes is one such example where it has gone up against the big boys with its web site Calendar ìsoftware as a serveî business model and it in previous years it was even voted by Forbes as the second best online calendar application; second only to Google Calendar. Sadly the news is not good these days for 30 Boxes; and the site appears mostly broken; though the site is online, you cannot open a new account to create your diary items. Well you can go through the motions; but it will not open a new account for you. It uses a low quality captcha anti spam service that is almost impossible for any human to get right, but that does not matter because after testing it many times I found that it didnít matter if you got the distorted challenge incorrect; it always reported that you have been emailed an email confirmation link that must be clicked before you can log in and that email never does arrive. Any attempt to log in will be met with ìno user of that login exists in our database.

Even if 30 Boxes Did Work; it Has No “WOW” factor

Though assuming it once did used to work for Forbes when they ranked it as the second best online web site calendar service, as an outsider looking in to consider joining or not it is next to useless. The home page is a sample calendar with which you cannot play with. That is, you can see it but you cannot touch it; your only choice is to click the ìsign upî button in the top right hand corner. The rest of the page is almost complete devoid of any links to useful information. There are no ìabout usî, ìcorporate profileî or ìfeaturesî links what so ever. There is not even a ìcontact usî button to let them know their site is broken and will not accept new accounts; that captcha resolution is out of action and that internal links are dead. There is only a subtle and obscure link on the home page called ìshort cutsî that pops open a small window to advise you on what can be done when you create an event in your calendar; assuming of course that you can ever open an account with them to get started.

Navigating 30 Boxes is Impossible; there are No Useful Links to Click

Most people would never know about that pop up window given most people have their browsers set to ìblock pop upsî; but assuming they accidentally can access this information panel, the 30 Boxes site claims to be useful with the normal things you would expect to see. There possibly is integration with Google Maps and so specific addresses will have a link to that location in the event item. That is, when it the address is shown in square brackets, that indicates the location is known to Google Maps and that weather details for that city will also be shown. Event items can handle a bunch of date and time formats ñ so it says. And it seems when you can open an account you are able to list your home and office locations so that when you schedule a meeting at a new location the 30 Boxes calendar will provide you with directions to the meeting. You would enter the details as [home| meeting address details] and 30 Boxes will know what you mean.

Like all online calendars, you are able to list one or many email addresses so that invitations can be sent for other people to participate. And these invitations can be marked urgent by adding a ì!î at the end of the email address and sent as texts to invitees mobile phones. Indeed the site claims to be fully integrated with smart phone and iPhone technologies which would be helpful if anything actually did work. In addition, you are able to mark items as private, or to set the meeting as repeating meetings for example every Thursday and you can set your reminder period to be what you wish in terms of minutes or hours. And you can tag any calendar event item with colors or keywords for what that is worth.

There are Better Choices than 30 Boxes

The simple fact is that none of these listed features are special. Every online calendar has them as basic and stock standard functions; and if any calendar did not have them I personally would not use it. Given the first impressions look at 30 Boxes, I suggest that you will not find anything special about 30 Boxes as a viable service. By all means make your own mind up; however even if you can get it to work and open a new account, there really is no ìwowî factor about its claimed features.