Last Updated: October 12, 2015 4

3 Ways To Gain More Twitter Followers

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Having a large number of followers on Twitter is beneficial whether your goal is business or personal. The more people exposed to your tweets the greater the chance they will click over to your blog or become your customer. Here are three ways to start gaining followers.

Follow real people. This seems like an obvious thing to do, but it is often overlooked. Follow individuals that share similar interests as you. Many people will return the favor and follow you back. Your favorite celebrity will not do that. Even if the people you follow do not immediately follow you back you can more than likely entice them to follow you through conversation.

Speaking of which…

Interact with the people you follow. It is called social media for a reason. Being social means mingling and interacting with the people at the party. Despite being limited to 140 characters you can communicate about anything and everything on Twitter. Respond to what people are saying. Re-tweet things that are interesting. Get people to notice you, but do not make your tweets vain or self indulgent. Give your attention to other people and they will in turn give their attention to you.

Use hash tags. Hash tags are one of the greatest features on Twitter. They are a way to find the people talking about a common topic. Use popular hash tags in your tweets so people can find you. Better yet, search those hash tags and interact with the people chatting. Instead of waiting for people to find you, make a few connections and show yourself to the people. Show the people that you have something good to say about things they are interested in and they will follow.

There is no magical step by step formula to gaining followers on Twitter. Everything you do every day will gain (or lose) followers. It is an ongoing process. Remember that at a certain point it is more important to develop the quality of your followers and focus less on quantity. Develop relationships with your followers so that they will visit your website, read your blog and even become your customers.